Valley of the Source

Empowering Youth, strengthening communities 

Our Mission

Is to Empower youth/families with valuable tools in preparation for college/careers, and life. Successful community business partnership makes it possible for us to invest in skills training programs, improve the community, and change lives. 


Founded in 2013, we initially provided a service that was necessary for the booming elderly community. We have successfully facilitated social services for clients and provided valuable resources to many local families. While assisting sandwich generation families with senior community placements, we found that the adult children were struggling with personal family dynamics. Most of the questions were related to how to better equip their very own children with tools. The majority of families that we served struggled to find resources for their teen/young adult children. 

We looked at different ways to continue serving, while addressing the needs of youth. And this is how the Youth Empowerment Service was born. Our Youth Empowerment Services include Specialized Family Concierge Services tailored to the needs of youth ranging 14 to 18 years of age. 

Pre-College, College and Future Planning

Academic Enrichment

  • College Prep, SAT/ACT Resources
  • Foreign Exchange Opportunities
  • Language & Cultural immersion Student Hosting
  • Youth Travel
  • Leadership training
  • Scholarship Resources

Volunteering,Vocation, and Social Sustainability

  • Community Service
  • Vocation Career Transition
  • Military Opportunities/Training
  • Fine Arts
  • Hobby Exploration
  • Personalized Match
  • Youth Advocate
  • Empowerment

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