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Empowering Youth, strengthening communities 

Valley's Story

Our company was established by a social worker who has over 18 years experience in the social service field here in Arizona. The accumulated years of experience in the field alongside geriatric practitioners, hospitals, assisted living facilities, U.S. Military, and hospice/palliative care agencies, Maricopa County Juvenile Court, foreign exchange student agencies, and Child Crisis Center, has provided our team the valuable extensive knowledge necessary in helping Valley families find appropriate resources.

The Valley of the Source Team are proud parents of teens, and understand how challenging it is to have a conversation with our children. Let's face it... most teens have it all figured out and know exactly what they want to do with their life. The problem is parents tend to maintain the finances and want a say in how decisions are made. 

The percentage of families fortunate enough to save for college is a very small number. Our economy dictates the quality of family vacations, college planning, and long-term planning.

Most families respectfully make the decision about college with limited options, and oftentimes are forced to choose student loans for their children.

Schools just don't have the resources to provide the personalized assistance that most youth need, and figuring it out at 18 years old is a little too late for most families. Teens deserve empowering options when it comes to preparing for their future. 

Extensive research was done, and Valley of the Source concluded that most families have no plan, and the road's terrain is a rugged journey with detours and unexpected roadblocks. Our experience with foreign exchange students from various countries provided insight about how other countries prepare youth for life as young as 12 years old. Volunteerism, internship and community involvement are valuable to youth, families, communities, and the world. 

Why Us?

Our team of consultants are fingerprinted, and background checked. We are qualified credentialed BSW/MSW. 

Below is a small checklist of why you need to have Valley of the Source facilitate services and support for your youth;

  • Locally Owned, not franchised
  • Partnered with local businesses and Community Centers
  • Valleywide Resources
  • Intake and Assessment completed by a Social Worker
  • No Court Ordered Juvenile Cases Accepted
  • Parenting Classes Available
  • Referrals to Health/Wellness Specialists
  • Volunteer/Projects Assignments Tailored to Youth
  • Best Volunteer Hour Tracking Program
  • Valley's Exclusive Youth/Multigenerational Program
  • We Facilitate College Tours

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What is the Process, and How Much is this Going to Cost? 

1. Contact us for a consultation.

2. Valley of the Source will reply with an

3. Fees are affordable, and range from flat
fees to basic monthly
subscription packages purchased to
appeal to the needs of your teen.

4. Most of the services are provided via
phone, and email. Personal
consultations can be arranged for an
extra fee.

5. Valley of the Source will provide a
uniquely tailored plan for your teen.