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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why did you shift your focus to youth and families?

Answer: The Valley of the Source Team has always informally worked closely with families and teens in our communities. When we sat down and engaged in dialogue about concerns for our elderly, we kept revisiting the topic of youth. There were incessant discussions about facilitating a program that brings the two groups together.

2. Why Teens? Sometimes they are not motivated, they can be unreliable, and are easily distracted?

Answer: Why not Teens? Research shows that teens who are involved in community-based volunteering are less likely to become teen parents, less likely to drop out of school, and less likely to experiment with alcohol/drugs. The other positive side of volunteering is teens are exposed to a work environment while learning a skill. Teens should receive more credit than most give them. How will anyone learn accountability and responsibility, if not properly modeled? The teens that we work with receive a Valley of the Source Orientation, prior to accepting a project/assignment.

3. Can I just go to VolunteerMatch website and find a project for my child or student? What about Student Council at my child's school? 

Answer: Absolutely, you are welcome to research, and seek community projects from any of the websites. Student Council and School Guidance Counselors are also wonderful sources for students/parents. Our program is unique because we specialize in providing personalized support for teens. We communicate with the student, parent, and volunteer site coordinator. We want to make sure that the teen is meeting their personal goal. One time community volunteer assignments tend to be random, and lack commitment.

4. Are you a counselor or therapist?

No, Valley of the Source has a team of social workers(BSW/MSW). We do not counsel, nor do we provide therapy to our clients/families. We are a Specialized Family Concierge Service

5. Are you a nonprofit, and are there fees?

Valley of the Source isn't a nonprofit. We are a for-profit company with principles and values that are similar to nonprofits. Our service and support are uniquely specialized and personal. Valley of the Source researches projects, communicate with all parties and tailor the project to the family/teens needs. All of the fees are packages comparable to the market rate of a Personal Coach. 

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